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Kids with Capes

Parents know what is best for their kids, NOT the government

Vote NO on New York State's

Prop One, the so-called

Equal Rights Amendment on Tuesday, November 5th.

Join the movement to protect our kids!

Who We Are

The Coalition to Protect Kids-NY is a ballot issue committee registered with the New York State Board of Elections. We are comprised of New Yorkers from all walks of life dedicated to defeating Prop One to the New York State Constitution,

or as we call it, the

Parent Replacement Act

New York already has an
Equal Rights Amendment

It currently reads:


“No person shall, because of race, color, creed or, religion, be subjected to any discrimination in his or her civil rights by any other person or by any firm, corporation, or institution, or by the state or any agency  or  subdivision  of  the  state.”

Proposed changes to this language look to state unequivocally that laws and entities cannot discriminate based on the basis of new categories like AGE, GENDER IDENTITY, GENDER EXPRESSION, and REPRODUCTIVE HEALTHCARE AND AUTONOMY.


This new wording might appear innocuous to the casual reader, and here at The Coalition to Protect Kids-NY, we are all for equal rights.


But once we understand the real-life, legal ramifications of this poorly written one-size-fits-all amendment, you’ll quickly understand just how absurd it is.

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Know the Facts
Best Friends

Diving Deeper

Let’s take a moment and ask ourselves some questions about what it means to be able to “discriminate” based on things like age and gender identity and what some possible legal ramifications might be. 


Should the New York State government have more authority than parents in making medical and other important decisions for children?




Should minors have the right to irreversible surgical and non-surgical transgender procedures without parental notice or consent?




Should biological males be allowed to compete in female school sports without restrictions?



Should laws that determine the legal age to purchase and/or consume alcohol or cannabis be weakened?




Should statutory rape laws that protect against sex with minors be weakened? 



Kids Painting Class

The Consequences

If entities cannot “discriminate” based on age and gender identity or expression, under the new amendment language, medical providers could be required to facilitate a child’s request to make permanent, life-altering “gender affirming” decisions and they would not need to consult with parents. Additionally, biological males would have a constitutional right to compete in girls' school sports.


Laws that determine the legal age to purchase and/or consume alcohol or cannabis, determine elder abuse and statutory rape could all be weakened because they “discriminate” based on age.


If these poorly written one-size-fits-all additions to the amendment pass, each of these common sense guard rails that protect kids could be deemed unconstitutional under the New York State Constitution. The proposed amendment opens the floodgates for the New York State Government to wield more authority than parents regarding important decisions for their minor children.  

Now that’s crazy.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Coalition to Protect Kids-NY needs your help more than ever to defeat The Parent Replacement Act.

Take a moment and sign up to be a supporter and let us know how you would like to help.

  • Donate or host a fundraiser.

  • Volunteer to make calls or knock on doors.

  • ​Help organize an Parent Replacement Act educational event in your area. 

  • Download print materials, including our informational presentation below. 

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Join Our Movement & Learn More!

Water Slide Kids

New Yorkers aren’t looking to replace parents with state laws.

That is why The Coalition to Protect Kids New York is asking all New Yorkers to do just that, protect our kids. Vote NO on   Prop One this November and tell the politicians in Albany that enough is enough.

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