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Don't just take our word for it...

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. New York State is looking to gut legal parental rights as we know it. Outlined below you will see recent guidance distributed by the New York State Education Department and several bills currently sitting in legislative committees in the New York State Senate and Assembly ready for passage should the Parent Replacement Act pass.

The New York State Education Department recently released a document advising schools on how to handle students looking to transition.

Some of the most shocking quotes:

Students are not required to obtain parental/guardian consent or a court-ordered name and/or gender change before being addressed by their affirmed name and pronouns.

“The student is in charge of their gender transition and the school’s role is to provide support.”


Some TGE students have not talked to their families about their gender identity because of safety concerns or lack of acceptance and may begin their transition at school without parent/guardian knowledge.


Only the student knows whether it is safe to share their identity with caregivers, and schools should be mindful that some TGE students do not want or cannot have their parents/guardians know about their transgender status. The paramount consideration in those situations is protecting the health and safety of the student, assuring that the student’s gender identity is affirmed and that their privacy and confidentiality are safely maintained.”


You can find the full memo here.

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Doctor's Appointment

These bills would allow minors to make their own medical decisions without parental knowledge or consent. Medical decisions include procedures related to medical, dental, health, and hospital services.

Provides treatment for sexually transmitted diseases to minors without a parent’s or guardian’s consent. Allows giving drugs and vaccines for STDs to children without parental knowledge or consent.

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